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Privacy Awareness Week is on the first week of May each year. During Privacy Awareness Week, the Office of Australian Information Commissioner (‘OAIC’) releases a themed set of tips for both individuals as well as businesses in how to better be conscious of privacy. This year’s theme is Privacy 101 (Back to Basics). The tips range from individual rights with respect to your privacy and personal information to best practices when it comes to your business and how it handles personal information to respect the privacy of its customers, suppliers and employees.


In an ever increasing digital world, privacy is becoming all the more valuable to businesses as well as bad actors. According to the OAIC, there was a 26% increase in notifiable data breaches in 2022 which resulted in millions of Australians being affected. In a lot of instances that we’ve seen, it’s usually been a human vulnerability which has been the cause of the cyber security breach. For individuals, with the proposed changes off the back of the Attorney General’s Department review of the Privacy Act, we’re going to see increased rights for individuals with respect to their personal information that brings Australia in line with Europe which is really the gold standard.


We’d encourage you whether you are an individual or a business owner to head on over to the OAIC website and check out the resources for Privacy Awareness Week.

For individuals: https://education.oaic.gov.au/paw2023/for-individuals/

For business: https://education.oaic.gov.au/paw2023/for-business/

They have some handy tips all set to an 8-bit retro-game theme to highlight getting ‘Back to Basics’. The only thing missing really is the repetitive electro song to start playing as soon as you open the page.

Happy Privacy Awareness Week 2023!