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We are Commercial Lawyers servicing South West Sydney and beyond.

Park & Hills provides practical and effective legal solutions for managing risk, promoting growth, and handling transactions, commercial contracts, governance, and compliance matters. We cater to businesses in all stages of development.

Startup advisory and 
legal documentation

Startup advisory and 

When you’re just starting out with your new game-changing business idea, we’re there to help you set up the right framework to build for your success. From legal incorporation to contract negotiations to attracting funding, we provide tailored solutions to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship; ensuring your business thrives from day dot.

Lawyer for Business Structuring



Our team can work with you to align your choice of business structure to your long-term objectives. As your business evolves, we look to partner with you to ensure that your business structure continues to serve your strategic objectives.

Commercial contract drafting/negotiations

Commercial contract drafting/negotiations

Our team provides comprehensive guidance on commercial contracts to corporates in various sectors. Whether we’re creating, reviewing or negotiating commercial terms for you, your docs will help build mutually beneficial relationships whilst being underpinned by the protection of your commercial interests.
Mergers/acquisitions and sale of business

Mergers/acquisitions and sale of business

No matter what stage of the business cycle you’re in or what side of the transaction you’re on, we’re here to help. We are dedicated to guiding you through every step of the business sale process, from due diligence, documentation to deal closing, ensuring the legals facilitate your commercial objectives.

Equity and Debt Financing legal advice

Equity and debt 

Whether you or your business is looking to borrow, are in the market of lending or being asked to provide security, our team is here to assist with your documentation and advising you of your obligations and rights. With over a decade of experience in banking and finance, we can help you secure your business’ financial future.
Privacy and 

Privacy and Technology

If your business is in the ever-changing technology industry then we’re your trusted business partner in your business’ evolution. We can also help you navigate data governance obligations if your business handles personal information as part of its practices.
Marketing and Consumer Legal Advice

Marketing and Consumer Law

From tailoring your business advertising to ensuring your products and services comply with Australian Consumer Laws, we’re here to empower your brand. We understand that your business reputation is at stake with each interaction with your customers and the wider public.

Tailored governance legal solutions for businesses


Strengthen your business’s foundation with our corporate governance expertise. Our firm will help you navigate the intricate world of corporate compliance, ensuring that your organisation adheres to the requisite standards of transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct.

Sports and 
Entertainment Lawyers

Sports and 
Entertainment Law

Having won a number of awards in the Sport and Entertainment Law category, we’ve extensive experience across a wide range of legal matters pertaining to sports and entertainment. From agency agreements, sponsorships, promotions and performances, our team can ensure you legal support on your unique journey.

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